Baucis, a story from Greek mythology that I wanted to dress up.

More specifically, the legend is that of Philemon and Baucis, a couple of old men living in a village in Phrygia, Greece. 

It was therefore in this village that Zeus and Hermes, in the guise of simple mortals, knocked on a thousand doors, thus testing the hospitality of the inhabitants. Only one house offered them asylum: the hut made of thatch and reed of Philemon and Baucis. 

To thank them for their kindness, Zeus and Hermes revealed their true identities and granted them everything they desired. Philemon then expressed the wish not to be separated from his wife, the pious Baucis, on the day of his death.

Zeus granted his wish. At their twilight, while they were exchanging their memories, each noticed that the other was covered in leaves. Then a bark surrounded them. They only had time to tenderly cry out: “ Farewell, dear companion". The words had barely passed their lips before they were transformed into trees. But they were always together; the oak and the linden had only one trunk.

After Jean de la Fontaine, and Goethe, it was time to give new life to this story, to continue to take it on a journey, this time in a kimono.