At the house of Baucis we believe that beauty is found in the quality of our clothes, but not only that.

Quality First

We make no compromise on the quality of our kimonos. Each piece is carefully designed and made from the finest fabrics. We work directly with Lyon silk manufacturers (Soierie Cheval, Belinac etc.), and linen artisans in Normandy.

We pawns also fabrics from scraps from Haute-Couture houses. For our Fall-Winter 2023 collection, all our fabrics have been selected at Nona Source, in order to exclusively offer you fabric scraps from the different houses belonging to LVMH.

Elegance at its best

We don't follow fashion trends, we create them. Our vision of elegance never goes out of style. We seek to create kimonos that go beyond fleeting trends: kimonos that respect traditional clothing codes, with a more European cut. Our cuts will not move.

Thus, we offer you sober kimonos, to wear for any occasion, as well as colorful kimonos with character for the most festive events.

Our DNA: a thick, lined belt (OBI), compatible with all our kimonos. We will soon offer you different colors in ultra limited quantities.

Ethics and sustainability

We are aware of our responsibility towards the planet and the communities around us. Launching a textile project today means entering the second most polluting industry in the world. A reason not to do it? No, a reason to do it differently.

At the house of Baucis, we collaborate directly with local producers (without intermediaries), as well as with model makers and manufacturers located in Ile-de-France.

Our fabrics are all traceable and labeled for some or from fabric scraps from Haute-Couture houses for others. We also reuse all our own fabric scraps to offer you (soon) accessories that will accompany your kimonos. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Our production is therefore 100% integrated on French territory.

We believe that sustainability should be a long-term commitment, not just a passing trend.

Respect for history and tradition

We believe that the beauty and elegance of the world's clothing we celebrate cannot be separated from their stories and traditions. This is why we have worked hard to respect the dress codes of clothing so charged with history.

For our first collection, we sought to preserve this cultural heritage by creating kimonos that pay homage to their past while remaining part of the present.

For those who are curious, we talk about it in more detail in our blogs.

Commitment to craftsmanship

We therefore want to celebrate and highlight the know-how of artisans around the world of which only they have the secret. 

This is why, at our launch stage, we collaborate with artisans in France to develop our products outside of any industrial process. We are also preparing a project to meet and collaborate with kimono artisans in Japan... but shhh, it's still a secret. 

Customer experience

We believe that customer experience is just as important as the quality of our products. That's why we strive to provide quality customer service at every stage of your experience with us. From ordering to delivery, our team is here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect kimono for your evening.

Have a good trip !