Where to wear the Baucis kimonos?

The different kimonos that we offer are just as intended to be worn at home as in the evening. Personally, I like to have my coffee on my balcony with the Jep kimono, spend my day with the Ulysse set, and go out in the evening with the Iris set. Why choose ?

In short, our kimonos are versatile, and that is the beauty of this garment. Home clothing, everyday clothing or cocktail and evening clothing: you choose! 

Baucis, kimonos only for women or for men?

Our kimonos are unisex. The modernity of our position: retaining the classic codes of the kimono, so as not to disguise a garment steeped in history, without taking up the gender distinctions that may have existed. 

What feeling can you get when wearing Baucis Kimonos? 

We have chosen to exclusively source noble materials: Lyon silk, Norman linen, as well as French corduroy. We are therefore aimed at those who, at home or outside, want to feel light, classy and sexy. Baucis Kimonos give this feeling of light strength.

We especially emphasize the quality of the materials. The beautiful fabric and the beautiful cuts above all!

Have a good trip !