Baucis has the immense honor of being distributed exclusively within the store Boys Don't Cry (BDC) Paris, located at 62 rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris, and Saint-Tropez itself located at 26 boulevard Louis Blanc.
It was after a chance meeting between our Founder and Sophie Mechaly, founder of Paul & Joe and the BDC boutiques, that Baucis joined this Parisian concept store, which is the only one able to claim the title of heir to Colette. 

Baucis is therefore today distributed exclusively among other chic brands with a pronounced identity, notably Bode, Casablanca, Golf le Fleur, Kamad etc. 
Next steps: expanding our reseller network. If Le Bon Marché remains a must where we would like to be distributed in Paris, we would like to extend our network almost everywhere. Jane from Boy on the French west coast, hotel networks almost everywhere, Annie's Ibiza, Aime Leon Dore in New York, other equally polished concept stores in Asia, are places which correspond to the universes that we would like to integrate. 
See you soon, for new adventures
13 September, 2023 — thibault bonnin